Discipline Policy

Individual Responsibility
1.   As a member of Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club, whether a swimmer or adult you have a responsibility to 
          co-operate in promoting good discipline.
2.   Neither misunderstood instructions, unwillingness to comply with instructions, personal prejudice,                          carelessness, recklessness, ignorance on your part, or on the part of others, relieves you, in the slightest                  degree, of your responsibility to behave in a safe and socially acceptable manner.

Unacceptable Behaviour
Behaviour becomes “unacceptable” when it is considered “offensive” to the majority. This includes the following:
        a) Theft
        b) Wilful damage to property and/or equipment
        c) Acts of vandalism
        d) Fighting
        e) Abuse of alcohol and/or drugs
        f) Bullying
        g) Offensive language
        h) Aggressive/violent acts
        i) Threatening behaviour
        j) Failure to comply with instructions/directions
        k) Failure to comply with the Club Constitution
        l) Failure to comply with WASA discipline codes
        m) All breaches of safety practices
        n) Bringing the Club into disrepute
        o) Bringing the sport of swimming into disrepute
        p) Anti social behaviour

1. All swimming members are expected to follow the instructions and the training sessions designated by the            Chief Coach, Coaches or S.D.O.
2. All orders of the Chief Coach, Coaches, S.D.O. or his/her nominees must be carried out; otherwise the                        swimmer may be asked to leave the sessions. 
3. Discipline procedures shall be followed in the case of any alleged breach. The Committee shall have the                    power to:
        a) Fine
        b) Issue verbal and written warnings
        c) Suspend.
        d) Expel.

Any breaching of the points listed under ‘ Unacceptable Behaviour’   will normally be dealt with in the following manner:

        a) Verbal warning by club coach, teacher, official or responsible adult
        b) Verbal warning by executive committee
        c) Written warning by executive committee
        d) Suspension by executive committee
        e) Exclusion by executive committee

Dependant upon the severity of the breach of discipline, the executive committee reserves the right to proceed to any of the stages outlined above.