Becoming a Member & 2020 Fees

The club is open to all, from stage 7 of the ASA NTP* to any age. 
Come along on a Friday evening at 18:30 to our Club Night to see how we operate, our volunteers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in joining you will have a short swimming assessment and you will be offered a "trial" the following week to see if you like it before you pay any fees.  Membership fees must be paid after this trial if you intend to join swimming club.



Membership fees are payable by 31st January 2020.  Fees can be paid on a Friday evening Downstairs in the Leisure Centre.  For those that can't get to club on a Friday evening we will hold one payment session on Sunday 26th January from 6.30pm-8.00pm.  

We accept cash, cheques and debit/credit cards

Club joining fee (new members only) £10.00
 Swimming Membership

£190.00 (includes Friday club night) (Minimum of 38 sessions)

 Extra Sessions (each per year) £95.00   (Land Training £50)
Students (ex-club swimmers not home   in term time) **
£150 to be paid upfront for the year, for any sessions when the swimmer is home from University.  
Masters including Keep Fit Masters
 £190 which includes 1 morning session instead of Club night.  Extra sessions payable at the normal extra session price.

Admin Membership £30.00 (refunded later in the year if you volunteer throughout the year)
 50p (free for admin members)

New membership fees are pro-rata (see notice board or ask at membership desk on a Friday evening).


By agreement with the Management Committee and Head Coach.


PAYMENT BY STANDING ORDER (Don't forget your bank details to complete the form)

· Membership fees may be paid in full or by equal monthly instalments.

· An initial payment of £50 is required on joining/renewal.

· The instalments can be paid from February through to November 2020 


Please note: new members will have to complete a Swim Wales application which can only be obtained on a Friday evening.

* Amateur Swimming Association National Teaching Plan