Fees 2021

Important Notice for RDASC Members – Fees for 2021

Following our Club AGM held on 17th of November, please find below our membership fees table as set for 2021..

No. of sessions

Monthly Fee

Annual Swim Wales Membership






















Land Training

Included at a minimum of 3 Sessions or 

£12/month if doing one or two sessions

Annual Fee


£160 (Swim Wales Inc.)




The structure of our fees will be changing:

 Previously, our members had paid a deposit on enrollment in January of each year together with 10 standing order payments to include an annual Swim Wales Membership fee.  Our new system will require £34 payment of Swim Wales together with a rolling monthly session installment (please refer to table) in January, 2020.    

Once enrollment forms for 2021 have been received, you will receive an email from our club Treasurer confirming your current statement of account with a membership payment schedule for the year ahead.

To note too:

Student fees (for students living away from home) - £160 and will continue to be payable at the start of the calendar year.

Land Training: Is included for those swimmers attending 3 or more sessions in a week.   For those who are not participating in the minimum of 3 sessions, will be charged £12 per month for both sessions

Swim Wales Fees  – as noted above, will be payable on enrolment

Admin / Volunteers Fees – Will remain at a one off payment of £30 per annum.

To get ahead and to avoid the January rush, we will be taking renewals shortly from December onwards – please look out for our emails / notifications...

Thank you for your continued support,

Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club.