Galas & Warm up times

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Holywell Sprints Meet

posted 10 Mar 2020, 13:37 by Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC

Saturday 4th July 2020

Holywell Leisure Centre 
Gwenffrwd Road 
Holywell, Flintshire 

Level 3 Meet 
Swam under FINA rules and Swim Wales Laws 
Meet License- 3WL200835

Age as day of Meet 
£5.50 per event/race 

Entries to be given to John on 24th May 2020 before 8pm 

Junior Development Meet

posted 7 Mar 2020, 10:47 by Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC

Saturday 16th May 2020

Swam under FINA rules and Swim Wales Laws 
Licence Number - WL200033

Perfect for younger swimmers to take part. 
Ages as of 31st December 2020

Closing date is Friday 3rd April 2020 and all entries to be give to John McCue 

Swimmers must compete in all five events to be in with a chance of winning a medal. Medals are presented to the 10 swimmers in each age group. You can still enter this gala even if you want to only do a couple of race to get times. The price is £15 for the gala whether you swim one or all five races. You are unable to swim any event in this gala if you are/ have qualified for the Swim Wales Group and Youth Championships in the current year. 

How this gala works 

This gala is swam as pentathlon where the times from each of the swimmers races are added together. The winner are the ones with the total quickest times at the end of all races. If a swimmer is disqualified for an event, they will be given the slowest swimmers time from that event and 5 second penalty will be added. 

Witsun Meet, Llandudno

posted 3 Mar 2020, 14:45 by Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC   [ updated 4 Mar 2020, 00:30 ]

30th and 31st May 2020

This is a Level 2 Competition 
Licence Number 2wl200478 
Under FINA rules and Swim Wales Laws 

£5.50 per event 
Age group as of age of 31st December 2020

All entries to be given to John by 24th April 2020 before 8pm 

Robin Hood Open Meet

posted 20 Feb 2020, 23:25 by Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC   [ updated 20 Feb 2020, 23:29 ]

Robin Hood Open Meet 

12th & 13th September 2020

Ponds Forge (50m pool) Sheffield

(Under Swim England Regulations and Technical Rules) Licensed Level 3EM200795

Age is as of last day of the meet

Races are £6.50 each 

All entries to come to Fiona and cheques made payable to Denbighshire Development Team.  Closing date tbc

DDT Gala, Llandudno

posted 10 Dec 2019, 01:57 by Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC   [ updated 27 Jan 2020, 12:46 ]

Sunday 26th April 2020

This is a Level 3 meet 
License Number TBC
Under FINA rules and Swim Wales Laws

The Races are £5.50 per race
Age as of 26th April 2020

Entries to be given to John McCue by 7th February 2020

Swim Wales North Regional Championships 2020

posted 10 Dec 2019, 01:46 by Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC   [ updated 23 Feb 2020, 14:05 ]

January 31st, February 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8tth and 9th
Llandudno swimming Centre
Under FINA technical rules and swim wales laws

Age group as of Age of December 31st 2020
Races will be £5 each

Entries will need to be in by Friday 3rd January to John McCue

Also Swimpath will be there selling hoodies, t-shirts and hats, which need to be pre-ordered

Update on Regionals 

The last two sessions of the regionals have been scheduled for 6th March 2020 

Warm up time 

Session 13   17.30pm 

Session 14    No swimmers 

Valentine Meet, Holywell

posted 31 Oct 2019, 16:21 by Fiona Meehan   [ updated 20 Dec 2019, 14:31 by Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC ]

This is a level 2 and level 3 meet combined.
Swum under FINA technical rules and Swim Wales Laws
Meet Licence - 2WL200311 & 3WL200312

Age as of 11th January 2020 for this meet.  Level 3 is suitable for our younger swimmers.  Level 2 is suitable for the more advanced swimmers.

Session Time Update 

Due to the number of entries the morning session needs to start earlier than in the Meet Information and change the afternoon start times

Day 1 11th January

Session 1   Warm up 8.00 am   START 9.00 am   
Session 2   Warm up 1.15 pm   START 2.15 pm     

Session 3   Warm up 8.30 am   START 9.30 am   
Session 4   Warm up 1.15 pm   START 2.15 pm     

We Need to provide one official, can we ask that If any of officials can help out please let Fiona know ASAP.  
If they do not get enough officials, they can run the Meet but will violate their Meet Licence so the times will not be able to go on the Rankings, so we really need to get more on board.

Menai AA & B Grade Meet 2020

posted 18 Oct 2019, 06:01 by Fiona Meehan   [ updated 23 Feb 2020, 13:56 by Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC ]

Sunday 1st March 2020
(Swum under FINA Technical Rules & Swim Wales Laws)
This event is licensed at Level 3 by Swim Wales.  Meet License No. (Pending)
Llandudno Swim Centre

Warm Up Times 

Session 1 : warm up 8.10am, Starts 9am 

Session 2: warm up 12.10pm, Start 1pm 

Session 3: warm up 4.15pm, Start 4.50pm 

Swim Wales North Sub Regional Championships 2019

posted 4 Oct 2019, 05:26 by Fiona Meehan

November 22nd, 23rd and 24th November 2019
Llandudno Swimming Centre
(Swum Under FINA Technical Rules & Swim Wales Laws)
This is a level 3 meet and can be entered with no times.  It is a good opportunity for you to get some times for races you have not tried before.

Age is as of 31st December 2019
Entries are £5.00 per race

All entries to John McCue no later than Friday 18th October 8pm.

Geoff Drew, Holywell

posted 28 Aug 2019, 09:31 by RHYL DOLPHINS   [ updated 26 Oct 2019, 14:08 by Fiona Meehan ]

Geoff Drew Memorial AA& B Graded Meet, Holywell
Sunday 27th October 2019
Level 3 meet
Swum Under FINA Technical Rules and Swim Wales Laws
Meet Licence – 3WL1912549

Age as of 27th October 2019
This gala is suitable for all of our younger swimmers or those just starting out on their competing journey.

Closing date for entries is Friday 6th September by 8.00pm to John McCue or Fiona

Warm up 1 - 8.30am
Warm up 2 - 1.00pm

Please be on poolside about 20 mins before warm up. 

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