Gala Help

How to enter a Gala
There are two types of Galas, Team Galas & Individual Galas.
Team Galas such as Cymru Coast Minor/Major, Cymru Coast Relay Gala and Denbighshire Development Galas, are free to entre and swimmers will be selected by the Swimming Committee and you be approached by a club official and asked to swim, a list will also appear on the club notice board there may also be a coach provided free of charge to get there.
Individual Galas such as the Bangor Diddy Gala and Wrexham Cath Ankers, etc. are open to all swimmers. If you are not sure whether you are able enough to take part please ask a member of the Swimming Committee and they will advise and may advise you on a more appropriate Gala. There may be an entry fee and swimmers will have to make their own way there.
What shall I take with me?
We advise that your child should have a drink (no fizzy drinks) in an appropriate bottle
(please note that clear plastic caps must be removed, as if the cap should fall into the pool it becomes invisible to the swimmer and represents a choking hazard)
They should also have two towels (one for poolside and another for getting changed) and a baggy T-Shirt for keeping themselves warm.
If you would like anymore information please do not hesitate to ask a club official or send an email to