Junior Development Meet

posted 7 Mar 2020, 10:47 by Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC
Saturday 16th May 2020

Swam under FINA rules and Swim Wales Laws 
Licence Number - WL200033

Perfect for younger swimmers to take part. 
Ages as of 31st December 2020

Closing date is Friday 3rd April 2020 and all entries to be give to John McCue 

Swimmers must compete in all five events to be in with a chance of winning a medal. Medals are presented to the 10 swimmers in each age group. You can still enter this gala even if you want to only do a couple of race to get times. The price is £15 for the gala whether you swim one or all five races. You are unable to swim any event in this gala if you are/ have qualified for the Swim Wales Group and Youth Championships in the current year. 

How this gala works 

This gala is swam as pentathlon where the times from each of the swimmers races are added together. The winner are the ones with the total quickest times at the end of all races. If a swimmer is disqualified for an event, they will be given the slowest swimmers time from that event and 5 second penalty will be added. 

Public Relations -RhylDolphinsSC,
7 Mar 2020, 10:47