Club Championships

Not Available at the moment, more guidance will be issued

Our club championships are aimed for the inexperienced swimmers, it gives them a chance to experience what a swimming gala is all about. It is also great for swimmers who are always in different galas, but would like to try out races that they may not have competed before.

This is held in the pool they swim in every week, the surroundings are familiar and they are with their friends. Everyone gets involved! The more competitive / older swimmers, teachers, coaches, committee members and parents are on hand to help. They also get to see the "more competitive" or older swimmers (the masters) race.

Competitions are held for all age groups in all strokes and at varying distances.

All swimmers should be capable of entering even if it only for the 25m freestyle (1 length).

Entry forms for Club Champs are to be submitted around a month in advance just after the "Summer Shutdown"*.

*specific date will be displayed on swim package

Please remember, you are putting your entry forms in now, but the gala is not run until September. You may not fancy doing a certain event now but when the races start, wish you had entered (your mates have entered and you feel left out). Our advice is to enter as much as you can now, you can always withdraw on the day if you don’t want to do it. It’s surprising what you can achieve.