Becoming a Member

Why choose Rhyl Dolphins?

Swimming is brilliant as a competitive sport or building confidence in the water. For younger swimmers, it is a perfect way for them to build confidence, develop fitness and responsibility.

According to the NHS, the recommended activity levels for keeping on top of your health is 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week for adults and 60 minutes for children. So swimming is a fantastic way to benefit your entire body without the risk of serious injuries. From building strength and endurance, to boosting mood and managing stress.

For those younger members, it doesn't need to feel like a chore. Joining a club will help improve your swimming skills for winning those pool games on holiday.

Accessing your free trial

Rhyl Dolphins try to make the experience of you or a young person becoming a member a safe environment, as well as a memorable experience.

When you come to our facilities, you will be met by one of our admin members, who will introduce you to our Head Coach.

We will discuss the process of how the trail will take place. Afterwards our head coach and admin team will discuss with yourself to see which session would be most suitable for you.