Land Training

More than Just swimming

Here at Rhyl Dolphins, we support our swimmers development by undertaking land training sessions FREE of charge*.

During these sessions, we help the swimmers build their muscle, agility and stamina to aim for the faster swim times at competitions.

Sessions can be done without gym equipment and even done at home (as we accomplished during the COVID-19 lockdowns).

Exercises such as running on the spot, squats, lunges and sit-ups, can increase endurance, strength and speed during swimming and make the swimmer more flexible, which lowers the risk of injury in and out of the water.

When and where do we do our Land Training sessions?

Since COVID-19 restrictions came into place, we have increased our land training sessions from once a week to twice. Currently being conducted on Tuesday & Friday evenings between 6:00pm - 7:00pm.

Sessions will take place on the field, to the side of the Leisure Centre (weather permitting).

Any adverse weather conditions or local lockdown restrictions, land training will therefore be conducted remotely via Zoom.

How Do i get involved?

If you would like to get involved in our land training sessions, please contact:

While you wait for our response, why not check out the below exercise videos for an insight of what land training entails.

This Weeks exercise

This weeks land training exercises are brought to you by SwimGym.

This 20min workout has been specifically designed for swimmers