Becoming a Volunteer

If you would like to get involved, please contact:

Who can Volunteer?

The vast majority of our volunteers are made up of parents & past swimmers, but we welcome anyone who wishes to help.

Swimmers can begin volunteering from the age of 13 and they will become a valued part of the coaching team, with there own personal experience.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Although some of our volunteers help in multiple roles, our volunteers are split into two main groups.


Our admin volunteers are instrumental with the overall operating of the club. From taking registers to looking after our social media & website.

Some of these roles make up the Management Committee, who regularly meet to develop and oversea the organisation of the club.

These are led by our Chair & Vice-Chair.


Our teachers, coaches and land trainers develop our swimmers techniques and encourage them to keep at it.

All of these are led by our Head Coach, who along with some of our other teachers & coaches, meet regularly to form our Coaching Committee.

How We Can Help You

Although past experience is desirable, we can help you by providing training for any role you wish to pursue.

Our Management Committee specifically has a Training & Development plan in place, to find and fund courses to help you with this.

For more information on current courses available, please visit our Courses page.