Club Fees Policy

  1. Fees may be paid in 2 ways

    1. Annual payment – payable in full by 31st January.

    2. Standing Order – first payment, as set in the finance meeting, to be paid by 31st January - the balance to be paid in monthly instalments, the last instalment to be paid by 30th November.

  2. Standing Orders – should a standing order fail to credit Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club’s account as scheduled, the payment should be brought up to date within 14 days of the letter notifying the member of the shortfall. If the outstanding balance is not paid within 14 days the membership will be suspended, the facility to pay by standing order will be withdrawn and full payment of any outstanding membership fees will be due forthwith. Should the payments not be received within 2 months of the suspension taking place, Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club reserves the right to cancel the membership.

  3. Membership Fee – the swimming membership fee will entitle the swimming member to swim in one session of Club Night (Friday) The time of this session is to be determined by the coaching staff or SDO. Masters Club night will either be Friday or Sunday.

  4. New Members – new members will be offered one trial session and one session in an allocated group after which payment must then be made.

  5. Extra Sessions – all sessions except for club night are liable to an extra charge: the cost as set out in the finance meeting.

  6. Returned/Refer to drawer cheques – the payee will be liable for all bank costs incurred by Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club for any cheque returned by the bank. Reimbursement of the cheque and bank charges must be paid in cash within 14 days of the notification to the payee by Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club. If the outstanding balance is not paid within 14 days, the membership will be suspended and the facility to pay monies to Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club by cheque will be withdrawn. Should there be an instance of 2 cheques returned by the bank in any 12 month period, future payments will only be accepted in cash. Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club reserves the right to refuse membership of any person where there has been a history of payments not being honored.

  7. Suspension due to monies being owed to Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club – suspension will last a maximum of 3 months before the membership is cancelled.

  8. Club Championships – with the exception of standing order payments for September, October and November, the member must not owe any money to Rhyl Dolphins Swimming Club in order for them to swim in the Club Championships.

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